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Kids Party Games

great kids party games

Worried about kids being bored at your party?

Then you need great games!

What is one of the main reasons parent's don't organise birthday parties at home for their children? They are scared to have everyone sitting around saying "I'm bored!" All you need to guarantee this doesn't happen to you is to be organised and to have some great party games.

We know how vital it is to have great games. They can make a party a huge success that everyone talks about or they can prove the downfall of any well planned event.

  • Instantly receive instructions for 82 games that will have your childrens' party guests laughing and cheering.
  • All kinds of games including indoor, outdoor and games for the very young.
  • The majority of games ideal for ages 5 - 12.
  • Save yourself the time and effort of searching for hours just to end up with the same old games everyone has played before. 
"That is the best $10 I have spent in a long time. The games are well described and simple now my problem is trying to select only 5 or 6 and not force the children to do all of them!!!!!" thanks Jennbuy for the special price today  of just $7

Great Games make Great Parties!

The party games that kids laugh and cheer at are the games you want to play at your next party.

Start your party off with an easy ice-breaker game like How Many? This is a great game to keep kids occupied while waiting for everyone to arrive.  Fill a jar with Jellybeans (or any other lolly) and when each person arrives they have one guess at how many there are. The closest wins the jar to take home -  don t announce it until the end of the party.

  • For a two hour party you will need at least 5 or 6 party games.
  • Start the party off with a quick game that needs little explanation to get things moving quickly and everyone having fun straight away.

Then really add some spark to your party by having a few new games that no one has played before.

Try a game from our games book like Thread Me! For this fun game you will need two balls of string and two teaspoons. Tie the end of the string onto the two teaspoons. Divide the party into two teams and give each team a ball of string. The object of the game is to thread the spoon down the 1st person's shirt and pants and then up the next persons pants and shirt and so on. The first team to correctly thread the string all the way along through the team's clothes wins. Lots of fun and laughs.

New games that no one has played before will really help your party go off with a bang and have everyone talking about long after the party is over.


The quickest and easiest way to have all the games you will ever need!

For those games that will make your party something really special - order our party e-book full of games the kids will love! For just $7 you can order our games e-book today and have it delivered to your computer instantly via email!

 "Thanks for the quick delivery of the party eBook, its going to be hard to pick the games for the party they all sound great, will recommend your web site to others. Thanks Sandra"


Great kids party games

Games in our e-book include:

  • Find the Dots
  • Flying Balloons
  • Scrambled Letters
  • The Clothes Peg Game
  • Floor Darts
  • Kangaroo
  • Farm Buddies
  • Number Hunt
  • Balloon Shave
  • Bucket Toss
  • Bubble Walk
  • Newspaper Relay
  • Balloon Man
  • Tidal Wave
  • Happy Birthday Noodles

....and many many more


The more we look the more we find. Since putting our games book together we have found even more great party games we know kids are going to love. Our games e-book now comes with 26 Bonus games that will help make your party a huge success. That's 69 games altogether!


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Thank you for the amazing customer service that went along with our purchase. We could not have been happier in choosing Party Kids!

- Michelle Spillane - Brisbane

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