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Free Kids Party Tips and Ideas

Homemade Pinata
Kids love breaking open a pinata but sometimes the bought ones can be too hard to break open and so beautiful no one wants to wreck them. Create an easy pinata at home by cutting out the bottom of a colourful gift bag and then loosely tape the bottom back in place. Put lollies, small prizes and confetti inside and then decorate the bag with streamers, ribbons and balloons. Tape the bag closed and hang it by the handles from your ceiling or a tree in the backyard.
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Birthday party ideas
Great tips for your next kids party
Lootbag Twist
Instead of the usual take home lollybag - try using party hats turned upside down and lined with a napkin. They can be filled with lollies ready to take home and when all the lollies are gone - the guests have a fun hat to use! Also a nice idea is attach a thank you note from the birthday child on each lollybag, thanking each child for their gift and for attending.
Ice Cream Birthday Cake
To save on mess and the expense of plates if you are having an ice ceam cake - simply scoop some cake into an ice cream cone for each party guest. Kids love ice cream in cones and this way you can have your cake and eat it too! Place a marshmallow in the bottom of each cone to stop ice-cream dripping out the bottom.
Kids party ideas
1st Birthdays
A great idea to make a 1st birthday special is to have a time capsule party. All guests have to bring something to put in the capsule. You can video everyone explaining what they are putting in and why. Then put the tape in the time capsule as well. Recover the capsule for their 18th birthday and relive some wonderful memories.
If you are having a themed party with an animal or a character, a fun idea to welcome guests is to draw the footprints on the footpath and driveway in chalk, leading up to the party area.
childrens birthday party tips
great ideas for your next kids party
Icebreaker Party Game
Fill a jar with jellybeans & when each guest arrives they have to guess how many there are - the closest wins the whole jar to take home. Don't announce the winner until the end of the party. This is a great party game for keeping kids busy while waiting for everyone to arrive.
For The Older Kids...
As kids get older they are more into sleepovers than parties. Start the sleepover after dinner and keep food to snacks like popcorn, hotdogs and pizza (good video watching food). You can then make breakfast the next morning something special. Great foods include pancakes, french toast and hashbrowns.
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Kids party food
Simple Party Food
This makes party food easy. Buy some chinese noodle boxes, decorate them with stickers and fill each box with a ham dinner roll, snack size packet of chips, mini chocolate bar and juice box. Or have a sausage sizzle and cook gourmet sausages for the adults attending. Serve with toppings such as chutney, tomato sauce and mustard.
Wake Up Surprise
Start the birthday off right with a wonderful wake up surprise. When your child falls asleep decorate their room with a bunch of balloons and a Happy Birthday banner. You could also decorate the breakfast table with balloons on the back of chairs and streamers or confetti on the table.
Kids party ideas
Great kids party tips
Keep the Party Simple
Keep the number of guests down and more than likely your party will run alot smoother.Inviting every child in the class is only inviting a couple of hours of chaos for you. This is especially true for sleepovers. The tried and true method of the number of guests is the age of the child. So a five year old would have five guests - you can always add a couple of extra guests but if you stick close to this number things will be easier.
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18 January 2012

This is for my little one's first birthday. We have been searching for ages, thank you so much!

- Deborah - Handley

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